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Pre-conference publication
22 Apr 2020
Pre-conference publication |  | 22 Apr 2020

Analogue model of ground ruptures due to groundwater pumping in an aquifer above a bedrock ridge

Mariano Cerca, Dora Carreón-Freyre, and Pietro Teatini

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Factors that condition physical vulnerability to ground fracturing in Mexico City
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Physical experiments of land subsidence within a maar crater: insights for porosity variations and fracture localization
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Analysis of the variation of the compressibility index (Cc) of volcanic clays and its application to estimate subsidence in lacustrine areas
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Mass movement processes triggered by land subsidence in Iztapalapa, the eastern part of Mexico City
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Short summary
This work reports results of experiments made in analogue materials reproducing the occurrence and propagation of fractures associated with land subsidence driven by groundwater pumping. We compare the physical experimental model results with a numerical model that tests the development of stresses above a bedrock ridge that forms the base of an aquifer.