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Post-conference publication
01 Aug 2019
Post-conference publication |  | 01 Aug 2019

Reconstruction of long-term dynamics of Chernobyl-derived 137Cs in the Upa River using bottom sediments in the Scheckino reservoir and semi-empirical modelling

Alexei V. Konoplev, Maxim M. Ivanov, Valentin N. Golosov, and Evgenyi A. Konstantinov

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Yoshifumi Wakiyama, Alexei Konoplev, Toshihiro Wada, Tsugiko Takase, Yasunori Igarashi, Kenji Nanba, and Ian Byrnes
Proc. IAHS, 381, 101–106,,, 2019
Time changes of dose equivalent rate above the soil surface as indication of natural attenuation processes
Alexei V. Konoplev, Toshihiro Yoshihara, and Yoshifumi Wakiyama
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The method for reconstructing the long-term dependence of radionuclide concentrations in rivers and reservoirs based on their vertical distribution in bottom sediments is proposed. Reconstructed time dependencies of particulate and dissolved Cs-137 activity concentrations in the Upa River were found to be described well by the semi-empirical “diffusion” model.