Articles | Volume 372
Proc. IAHS, 372, 379–384, 2015
Proc. IAHS, 372, 379–384, 2015

  12 Nov 2015

12 Nov 2015

Subsidence monitoring network: an Italian example aimed at a sustainable hydrocarbon E&P activity

M. C. Dacome et al.

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Numerical simulation of land subsidence above an off-shore Adriatic hydrocarbon reservoir, Italy, by Data Assimilation techniques
Matteo Frigo, Massimiliano Ferronato, Laura Gazzola, Pietro Teatini, Claudia Zoccarato, Massimo Antonelli, Anna Antonia Irene Corradi, Maria Carolina Dacome, Michela De Simoni, and Stefano Mantica
Proc. IAHS, 382, 449–455,,, 2020
Short summary
Blending measurements and numerical models: a novel methodological approach for land subsidence prediction with uncertainty quantification
Laura Gazzola, Massimiliano Ferronato, Matteo Frigo, Pietro Teatini, Claudia Zoccarato, Anna Antonia Irene Corradi, Maria Carolina Dacome, Ernesto Della Rossa, Michela De Simoni, and Stefano Mantica
Proc. IAHS, 382, 457–462,,, 2020
Subsidence monitoring system for offshore applications: technology scouting and feasibility studies
R. Miandro, C. Dacome, A. Mosconi, and G. Roncari
Proc. IAHS, 372, 323–330,,, 2015

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Short summary
ENI monitoring plan to measure and monitor the subsidence process, during field production and also after the field closure, is intended to support a sustainable field development and an acceptable exploitation programme in which the actual risk connected with the field production is evaluated in advance, shared and agreed among all the involved subjects: oil company, stakeholders and local community (with interests in the affected area) .