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Post-conference publication
16 Sep 2020
Post-conference publication |  | 16 Sep 2020

Impact of hydropower dam on total suspended sediment and total organic nitrogen fluxes of the Red River (Vietnam)

Nhu Da Le, Thi Phuong Quynh Le, Thi Xuan Binh Phung, Thi Thuy Duong, and Orange Didier

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This paper analyses the change of total suspended sediment (TSS) and total organic nitrogen (TON) loads of the Red River from 1960–2015 in which numerous dams in both China and Vietnam have been constructed. Strong decrease of TSS and TON loads allocated to the dam impoundments in spite of population and deforestation increase. The TSS flux decrease has driven a clear reduction of associated elements (nitrogen), which let to hypothesis a change in biogeochemical processes in the coastal zone.