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Post-conference publication
01 Aug 2019
Post-conference publication |  | 01 Aug 2019

Quantifying channel bank erosion of a small mountain river in Russian wet subtropics using erosion pins

Yulia Kuznetsova, Valentin Golosov, Anatoly Tsyplenkov, and Nadezhda Ivanova

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Proc. IAHS, 381, 21–24,,, 2019
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Channel bank stability is one of the most important issues of sustainable future in the world, where lots of us live by the river. There is a direct response of the streams behavior to climate change, but the details of this process are still questionable. We studied channel bank erosion at the small river at the Black Sea coast. There was s set of observations, and we were lucky to catch the most extreme flood in the field, investigate its mechanism and measure the consequences.