Articles | Volume 372
Proc. IAHS, 372, 1–5, 2015
Proc. IAHS, 372, 1–5, 2015

  12 Nov 2015

12 Nov 2015

Comprehensive experimental study on prevention of land subsidence caused by dewatering in deep foundation pit with hanging waterproof curtain

T. L. Yang et al.

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Spatial–temporal characterization of land subsidence induced by large area distribution of recent dredger fill
Jinxin Lin, Hanmei Wang, Tianliang Yang, and Xinlei Huang
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Assessment of subsidence and consolidation of dredger fill area based on SBAS-InSAR and laboratory tests
Qing-bo Yu, Qing Wang, Xue-xin Yan, Tian-liang Yang, Jian-ping Chen, Meng Yao, Kai Zhou, and Xin-lei Huang
Proc. IAHS, 382, 381–386,,, 2020
Short summary
Establishment and practice of land subsidence control and management system for deep foundation pit dewatering in Shanghai
Xinlei Huang, Tianliang Yang, Jianzhong Wu, Jinxin Lin, and Ye He
Proc. IAHS, 382, 755–759,,, 2020
Integrated management of groundwater exploitation and recharge in Shanghai based on land subsidence control
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