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Post-conference publication
16 Sep 2020
Post-conference publication |  | 16 Sep 2020

Rainfall measurement from mobile telecommunication network and potential benefit for urban hydrology in Africa: a simulation framework for uncertainty propagation analysis

Maxime Turko, Marielle Gosset, Christophe Bouvier, Nanee Chahinian, Matias Alcoba, Modeste Kacou, and Apoline Yappi

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Flood monitoring system in the Dakar agglomeration (Senegal)
Laurent Pascal Diémé, Christophe Bouvier, Ansoumana Bodian, and Alpha Sidibé
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Initial insights from a global database of rainfall-induced landslide inventories: the weak influence of slope and strong influence of total storm rainfall
Odin Marc, André Stumpf, Jean-Philippe Malet, Marielle Gosset, Taro Uchida, and Shou-Hao Chiang
Earth Surf. Dynam., 6, 903–922,,, 2018
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Model-based study of the role of rainfall and land use–land cover in the changes in the occurrence and intensity of Niger red floods in Niamey between 1953 and 2012
Claire Casse, Marielle Gosset, Théo Vischel, Guillaume Quantin, and Bachir Alkali Tanimoun
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 20, 2841–2859,,, 2016
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Analysis of hydrological changes and flood increase in Niamey based on the PERSIANN-CDR satellite rainfall estimate and hydrological simulations over the 1983–2013 period
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Proc. IAHS, 370, 117–123,,, 2015
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Urban floods due to intense precipitation is a major problem in many developing countries, especially in Africa. Rainfall measurement using cellular communication networks is a cost effective method to monitor the heavy rainfall that cause these floods. The method is based on analyzing signal fluctuations due to rain between telecommunication antennas. Here we present simulation studies to test how rainfall measured by this method can help predicting floods in urban areas.