Articles | Volume 382
Pre-conference publication
22 Apr 2020
Pre-conference publication |  | 22 Apr 2020

Land subsidence monitoring using distributed fiber optic sensing with Brillouin scattering in coastal and deltaic regions

Kai Gu, Su-Ping Liu, Bin Shi, Yi Lu, and Yue-Hua Jiang

Related authors

Application of distributed fiber optic sensing technique in land subsidence monitoring in coastal areas: a case study in Tianjin, China
Su-Ping Liu, Bin Shi, Kai Gu, Cheng-Cheng Zhang, Song Zhang, Peng Yang, and Ji-Long Yang
Proc. IAHS, 382, 137–141,,, 2020

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Short summary
We demonstrate that distributed fiber optic sensing techniques can open window into subsurface deformation and could be important complementary to conventional methods to understand the land subsidence processes in coastal and deltaic regions, with rich details at low cost.