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Post-conference publication
01 Aug 2019
Post-conference publication |  | 01 Aug 2019

Two-dimensional hydrodynamic modelling of channel processes and floods characteristics at the confluence of the Amur and Zeya rivers

Eugeniya Fingert, Inna Krylenko, Vitaly Belikov, Pavel Golovlyov, Aleksandr Zavadskii, and Mikhail Samokhin

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Numerical modeling and forecast of channel changes on the river Lena near city Yakutsk
Pavel Golovlyov, Ekaterina Kornilova, Inna Krylenko, Vitaly Belikov, Aleksandr Zavadskii, Eugeniya Fingert, Natalya Borisova, and Elizaveta Morozova
Proc. IAHS, 381, 65–71,,, 2019
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Two-dimensional hydrodynamic STREAM_2D model have been applied to the confluence of Amur and Zeya rivers. Main flow characteristics and possible channel changes are considered during modeling for two scenarios – without dams near Big Heihe Island (1) and with four dams in the side channels around the island (2). Results of modeling demonstrate impact of dams construction on flow concentrating in the main channel, which can lead to increasing of flow velocities and subsequent erosion in main Amur