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Pre-conference publication
05 Jun 2018
Pre-conference publication |  | 05 Jun 2018

Impact of possible climate changes on river runoff under different natural conditions

Yeugeniy M. Gusev, Olga N. Nasonova, Evgeny E. Kovalev, and Georgy V. Ayzel

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Climate change impact on streamflow in large-scale river basins: projections and their uncertainties sourced from GCMs and RCP scenarios
Olga N. Nasonova, Yeugeniy M. Gusev, Evgeny E. Kovalev, and Georgy V. Ayzel
Proc. IAHS, 379, 139–144,,, 2018
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Modelling the impact of mulching the soil with plant remains on water regime formation, crop yield and energy costs in agricultural ecosystems
Yeugeniy M. Gusev, Larisa Y. Dzhogan, and Olga N. Nasonova
Proc. IAHS, 376, 77–82,,, 2018
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Ability of a land surface model to predict climate induced changes in northern Russian river runoff during the 21st century
O. N. Nasonova, Y. M. Gusev, E. M. Volodin, and E. E. Kovalev
Proc. IAHS, 371, 59–64,,, 2015
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Scenario forecasting changes in the water balance components of the Olenek and Iindigirka river basins due to possible climate change
Ye. M. Gusev, O. N. Nasonova, L. Ya. Dzhogan, and E. E. Kovalev
Proc. IAHS, 371, 13–15,,, 2015
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Possible changes in various characteristics of annual river runoff (mean values, standard deviations, frequency of extreme annual runoff) up to 2100 were studied using the land surface model SWAP and meteorological projections simulated by five GCMs according to four RCP scenarios. Obtained results has shown that changes in climatic runoff are different (both in magnitude and sign) for the river basins located in different regions of the planet due to differences in natural (primarily climatic).