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03 Mar 2017
 | 03 Mar 2017

SMART – Sediment Mitigation Actions for the River Rother, UK

Jennine L. Evans, Ian Foster, John Boardman, and Naomi Holmes

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The potential for gamma-emitting radionuclides to contribute to an understanding of erosion processes in South Africa
Ian D. L. Foster, John Boardman, Adrian L. Collins, Ruth Copeland-Phillips, Nikolaus J. Kuhn, Tim M. Mighall, Simon Pulley, and Kate M. Rowntree
Proc. IAHS, 375, 29–34,,, 2017
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Excess sediment has been identified as a key issue for the River Rother, West Sussex, UK, a 350 km2 river catchment. The aim is to identify the severity, extent, possible causes and potential mitigation options available to reduce sediment into the river. Ten monitoring sites were installed on four major tributaries and the main channel of the River Rother to collect sediment in the river. Sediment will be compared with possible source soil samples to trace where the sediment originated.