Articles | Volume 372
12 Nov 2015
 | 12 Nov 2015

Research on critical groundwater level under the threshold value of land subsidence in the typical region of Beijing

Y. Jiang, J.-R. Liu, Y. Luo, Y. Yang, F. Tian, and K.-C. Lei

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Leaking recharge mechanism in the multi-layer aquifer system of a typical land subsidence area in Beijing
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Dynamic variation characteristics of layered monitored land subsidence near a fast railway line
Kaiwen Shi and Yong Luo
Proc. IAHS, 382, 339–344,,, 2020
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Different disaster characteristics of earth fissures and their influence factors in the Beijing plain
Zhao Long, Luo Yong, Li Yumei, Tian Fang, Liu He, Lei Kunchao, Sha Te, Kong Xiangru, and Lu Menghan
Proc. IAHS, 382, 629–634,,, 2020
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Land subsidence characteristics and disaster prevention in the Tongzhou area, Beijing
Luo Yong, Zhao Long, Zhu Lin, Tian Fang, Lei Kunchao, and Sun Aihua
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Spatial-temporal variation of groundwater and land subsidence evolution in Beijing area
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