Articles | Volume 372
Proc. IAHS, 372, 29–32, 2015
Proc. IAHS, 372, 29–32, 2015

  12 Nov 2015

12 Nov 2015

Evaluation of the potential of InSAR time series to study the spatio-temporal evolution of piezometric levels in the Madrid aquifer

M. Béjar-Pizarro et al.

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Wavelet analysis of land subsidence time-series: Madrid Tertiary aquifer case study
Roberto Tomás, José Luis Pastor, Marta Béjar-Pizarro, Roberta Bonì, Pablo Ezquerro, José Antonio Fernández-Merodo, Carolina Guardiola-Albert, Gerardo Herrera, Claudia Meisina, Pietro Teatini, Francesco Zucca, Claudia Zoccarato, and Andrea Franceschini
Proc. IAHS, 382, 353–359,,, 2020
Understanding the dynamic behaviour for the Madrid aquifer (Spain): insights from the integration of A-DInSAR and 3-D groundwater flow and geomechanical models
Roberta Bonì, Claudia Meisina, Pietro Teatini, Francesco Zucca, Claudia Zoccarato, Andrea Franceschini, Pablo Ezquerro, Marta Béjar-Pizarro, José A. Fernández-Merodo, Carolina Guardiola-Albert, José L. Pastor, Roberto Tomás, and Gerardo Herrera
Proc. IAHS, 382, 409–414,,, 2020
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Geometrical and geotechnical characterization of the earth fissures appeared in the Guadalentín Valley (southeastern Spain) after the September 2012 flooding
José Luis Pastor, Joaquín Mulas, Roberto Tomás, Gerardo Herrera, José Antonio Fernández-Merodo, Marta Béjar-Pizarro, Luis Jordá, Juan Carlos García López-Davalillos, Ramón Aragón, and Rosa María Mateos
Proc. IAHS, 382, 663–667,,, 2020
Towards an increase of flash flood geomorphic effects due to gravel mining and ground subsidence in Nogalte stream (Murcia, SE Spain)
Jose Antonio Ortega-Becerril, Guillermina Garzón, Marta Béjar-Pizarro, and Jose Jesús Martínez-Díaz
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 16, 2273–2286,,, 2016
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Application of multi-sensor advanced DInSAR analysis to severe land subsidence recognition: Alto Guadalentín Basin (Spain)
R. Bonì, G. Herrera, C. Meisina, D. Notti, M. Béjar-Pizarro, F. Zucca, P. J. González, M. Palano, R. Tomás, J. Fernández, J. A. Fernández-Merodo, J. Mulas, R. Aragón, C. Guardiola-Albert, and O. Mora
Proc. IAHS, 372, 45–48,,, 2015
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We use InSAR time series to infer the temporal evolution of the piezometric level in 19 wells of the Tertiary detritic aquifer of Madrid (TDAM) in the period 1997-2010. Our results suggest that an average elastic storage coefficient Ske of all wells can be used to estimate piezometric level variations in all the points where ground deformation has been measured by InSAR, thus allowing production of piezometric level maps for the different extraction/recovery cycles in the TDAM.