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Volume 367, 2015 | Sediment Dynamics from the Summit to the Sea

ICCE 2014, International Symposium On Sediment Dynamics, New Orleans, USA, 11–14 December 2014
Editor(s): Y. Jun Xu, M. A. Allison, S. J. Bentley, A. L. Collins, W. D. Erskine, V. Golosov, A. J. Horowitz, and M. Stone

Volume 367, 2015 | Sediment Dynamics from the Summit to the Sea

ICCE 2014, International Symposium On Sediment Dynamics, New Orleans, USA, 11–14 December 2014
Editor(s): Y. Jun Xu, M. A. Allison, S. J. Bentley, A. L. Collins, W. D. Erskine, V. Golosov, A. J. Horowitz, and M. Stone
03 Mar 2015
Downstream hydraulic geometry of alluvial rivers
P. Y. Julien
Proc. IAHS, 367, 3–11,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Daily variability of suspended particulate concentrations and yields and their effect on river particulates chemistry
M. Meybeck and F. Moatar
Proc. IAHS, 367, 12–28,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Temporal and spatial responses of river discharge to tectonic and climatic perturbations: Choshui River, Taiwan, and Typhoon Mindulle (2004)
J. D. Milliman, T. Y. Lee, J. C. Huang, and S. J. Kao
Proc. IAHS, 367, 29–39,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Simulation of rainfall effects on sediment transport on steep slopes in an Alpine catchment
A. Kaiser, F. Neugirg, M. Schindewolf, F. Haas, and J. Schmidt
Proc. IAHS, 367, 43–50,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Quantification, analysis and modelling of soil erosion on steep slopes using LiDAR and UAV photographs
F. Neugirg, A. Kaiser, J. Schmidt, M. Becht, and F. Haas
Proc. IAHS, 367, 51–58,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Estimates of slope erosion intensity utilizing terrestrial laser scanning
B. Usmanov, O. Yermolaev, and A. Gafurov
Proc. IAHS, 367, 59–65,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
An aerodynamic approach in soil hydraulic conductivity estimation for investigating soil erosion degree
V. Sergey and S. Vyacheslav
Proc. IAHS, 367, 66–71,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Predicting ephemeral gully erosion with RUSLER and EphGEE
S. M. Dabney, D. A. N. Vieira, and D. C. Yoder
Proc. IAHS, 367, 72–79,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Distributed soil loss estimation system including ephemeral gully development and tillage erosion
D. A. N. Vieira, S. M. Dabney, and D. C. Yoder
Proc. IAHS, 367, 80–86,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Impact of precipitation and runoff on ephemeral gully development in cultivated croplands
V. Karimov, A. Sheshukov, and P. Barnes
Proc. IAHS, 367, 87–92,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Predicting location and length of ephemeral gullies with a process-based Topographic Index model
A. Y. Sheshukov
Proc. IAHS, 367, 93–98,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Assessing the applicability of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) to Irish Catchments
A. Rymszewicz, E. Mockler, J. O'Sullivan, M. Bruen, J. Turner, E. Conroy, M. Kelly-Quinn, J. Harrington, and D. Lawler
Proc. IAHS, 367, 99–105,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Channel morphodynamics on a small proglacial braid plain (Fagge River, Gepatschferner, Austria)
D. Morche, A. Schuchardt, K. Dubberke, and H. Baewert
Proc. IAHS, 367, 109–116,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Erosion depth of sand from an immobile gravel bed
R. Kuhnle, D. Wren, and E. Langendoen
Proc. IAHS, 367, 117–121,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Modelling streambank erosion potential using maximum entropy in a central Appalachian watershed
J. Pitchford, M. Strager, A. Riley, L. Lin, and J. Anderson
Proc. IAHS, 367, 122–127,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Evaluating sediment transport capacity relationships for use in ephemeral gully erosion models
E. J. Langendoen, R. R. Wells, M. E. Ursic, D. A. N. Vieira, and S. M. Dabney
Proc. IAHS, 367, 128–133,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Wave-current induced erosion of cohesive riverbanks in northern Manitoba, Canada
N. Kimiaghalam, S. Clark, H. Ahmari, and J. Hunt
Proc. IAHS, 367, 134–140,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Long-term flood controls on semi-arid river form: evidence from the Sabie and Olifants rivers, eastern South Africa
G. Heritage, S. Tooth, N. Entwistle, and D. Milan
Proc. IAHS, 367, 141–146,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Vistula River bed erosion processes and their influence on Warsaw’s flood safety
A. Magnuszewski and S. Moran
Proc. IAHS, 367, 147–154,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
The effect of coarse gravel on cohesive sediment entrapment in an annular flume
K. Glasbergen, M. Stone, B. Krishnappan, J. Dixon, and U. Silins
Proc. IAHS, 367, 157–162,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Ratio of basin lag times for runoff and sediment yield processes recorded in various environments
K. Banasik and A. Hejduk
Proc. IAHS, 367, 163–169,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Measurement of light attenuation extends the application of suspended sediment monitoring in rivers
A. O. Hughes, R. J. Davies-Colley, and A. H. Elliott
Proc. IAHS, 367, 170–176,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
A micromechanical modelling approach for predicting particle dislodgement
W. Shih and P. Diplas
Proc. IAHS, 367, 177–184,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Bedload flux in southern Brazilian basalt scarp
G. H. Merten and J. P. G. Minella
Proc. IAHS, 367, 185–192,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Fitting sediment rating curves using regression analysis: a case study of Russian Arctic rivers
N. I. Tananaev
Proc. IAHS, 367, 193–198,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Interactions between fine-grained sediment delivery, river bed deposition and salmonid spawning success
I. Pattison, D. A. Sear, A. L. Collins, J. I. Jones, and P. S. Naden
Proc. IAHS, 367, 199–206,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Simulation and control of morphological changes due to dam removal in the Sandy River, Oregon, USA
Y. Ding and M. S. Altinakar
Proc. IAHS, 367, 207–214,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Anastomosing reach control on hydraulics and sediment distribution on the Sabie River, South Africa
N. Entwistle, G. Heritage, S. Tooth, and D. Milan
Proc. IAHS, 367, 215–219,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Combining caesium-137 measurements and suspended sediment load data to investigate the sediment response of a small catchment in southern Italy
P. Porto, D. E. Walling, C. La Spada, and N. Mallimo
Proc. IAHS, 367, 220–227,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Using fallout radionuclides to investigate recent overbank sedimentation rates on river floodplains: an overview
V. Golosov and D. E. Walling
Proc. IAHS, 367, 228–234,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Tracking the origin and dispersion of contaminated sediments transported by rivers draining the Fukushima radioactive contaminant plume
H. Lepage, O. Evrard, Y. Onda, C. Chartin, I. Lefevre, A. Sophie, and P. Bonte
Proc. IAHS, 367, 237–243,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Heavy metal enrichment in the riparian sediments and soils of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
Q. Tang, Y. Bao, X. He, and A. Wen
Proc. IAHS, 367, 244–250,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Annual layers in river-bed sediment of a stagnant river-mouth area of the Kitagawa Brook, Central Japan
Y. Kurashige, T. Nakano, E. Kasubuchi, M. Maruo, and H. Domitsu
Proc. IAHS, 367, 251–257,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Influence of land use on total suspended solid and dissolved ion concentrations: Baton Rouge, Louisiana area
D. Carlson
Proc. IAHS, 367, 258–264,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Mutual relationships of suspended sediment, turbidity and visual clarity in New Zealand rivers
D. J. Ballantine, A. O. Hughes, and R. J. Davies-Colley
Proc. IAHS, 367, 265–271,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
A coupled modelling effort to study the fate of contaminated sediments downstream of the Coles Hill deposit, Virginia, USA
C. F. Castro-Bolinaga, E. R. Zavaleta, and P. Diplas
Proc. IAHS, 367, 272–280,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Do suspended sediment and bedload move progressively from the summit to the sea along Magela Creek, northern Australia?
W. D. Erskine, M. J. Saynor, K. Turner, T. Whiteside, J. Boyden, and K. G. Evans
Proc. IAHS, 367, 283–290,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Impact of earthquake-triggered landslides on catchment sediment yield
M. Vanmaercke, F. Obreja, and J. Poesen
Proc. IAHS, 367, 291–296,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Recent changes of suspended sediment yields in the Upper Yangtze River and its headwater tributaries
X. Zhang, Q. Tang, Y. Long, X. He, and A. Wen
Proc. IAHS, 367, 297–303,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Spatial and temporal variability of suspended sediment yield in the Kamchatka Krai, Russian Federation
L. Kuksina and N. Alexeevsky
Proc. IAHS, 367, 304–311,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
A comparative study of the flux and fate of the Mississippi and Yangtze river sediments
K. Xu and S. L. Yang
Proc. IAHS, 367, 312–319,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Sediment budget in the Ucayali River basin, an Andean tributary of the Amazon River
W. Santini, J.-M. Martinez, R. Espinoza-Villar, G. Cochonneau, P. Vauchel, J.-S. Moquet, P. Baby, J.-C. Espinoza, W. Lavado, J. Carranza, and J.-L. Guyot
Proc. IAHS, 367, 320–325,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Suspended sediment yield mapping of Northern Eurasia
K. A. Maltsev, O. P. Yermolaev, and V. V. Mozzherin
Proc. IAHS, 367, 326–332,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Recent changes in sediment redistribution in the upper parts of the fluvial system of European Russia: regional aspects
O. P. Yermolaev, V. N. Golosov, M. V. Kumani, L. F. Litvin, I. I. Rysin, and A. P. Dvinskikh
Proc. IAHS, 367, 333–339,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Changing trends of rainfall and sediment fluxes in the Kinta River catchment, Malaysia
W. R. Ismail and M. Hashim
Proc. IAHS, 367, 340–345,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Erosion modelling towards, and sediment transport modelling in unnavigable watercourses in Flanders, Belgium
B. Ferket, M. Van De Broek, T. Van Hoestenberghe, J. Degerickx, R. De Sutter, G. Govers, N. Dezillie, and P. Deproost
Proc. IAHS, 367, 349–356,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
A combined model of sediment production, supply and transport
M. Fujita, K. Yamanoi, and H. Izumiyama
Proc. IAHS, 367, 357–365,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Simulation of hydrosedimentological impacts caused by climate change in the Apucaraninha River watershed, southern Brazil
I. R. Ramos Iensen, G. Bauer Schultz, and I. Dos Santos
Proc. IAHS, 367, 366–373,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Investigating transport capacity equations in sediment yield modelling for the Cariri semi-arid region of Paraiba-PB/Brazil
E. E. De Figueiredo, C. C. R. A. Souto, and Z. C. Vieira
Proc. IAHS, 367, 374–381,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
The costs and efficacy of sediment mitigation measures for representative farm types across England and Wales
A. L. Collins, Y. Zhang, and P. Naden
Proc. IAHS, 367, 382–388,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Tidal modulated flow and sediment flux through Wax Lake Delta distributary channels: Implications for delta development
K. Hanegan and I. Georgiou
Proc. IAHS, 367, 391–398,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Effects of human alterations on the hydrodynamics and sediment transport in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California
M. D. Marineau and S. A. Wright
Proc. IAHS, 367, 399–406,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Tapped lakes as sediment traps in an Arctic delta
J. Walker and M. McGraw
Proc. IAHS, 367, 407–412,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
River, delta and coastal morphological response accounting for biological dynamics
W. Goldsmith, D. Bernardi, and L. Schippa
Proc. IAHS, 367, 413–420,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Sedimentary signature of Hurricane Isaac in a Taxodium swamp on the western margin of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, USA
K.-B. Liu, T. A. McCloskey, S. Ortego, and K. Maiti
Proc. IAHS, 367, 421–428,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Large freshwater and sediment impoundments between the Mississippi River and the Louisiana coastline
G. R. Andersen, B. Hall, and E. M. Aieta
Proc. IAHS, 367, 429–434,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Effects of salinity and particle concentration on sediment hydrodynamics and critical bed-shear-stress for erosion of fine grained sediments used in wetland restoration projects
M. Ghose-Hajra, A. McCorquodale, G. Mattson, D. Jerolleman, and J. Filostrat
Proc. IAHS, 367, 435–441,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Sediment capture in flood plains of the Mississippi River: A case study in Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana
M. Smith and S. J. Bentley Sr.
Proc. IAHS, 367, 442–446,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Design of a semi-autonomous boat for measurements of coastal sedimentation and erosion
D. Smith, L. Cross, J. Rivet, and S. Hall
Proc. IAHS, 367, 447–454,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Challenges of ecosystem restoration in Louisiana – availability of sediment and its management
S. M. Khalil and A. M. Freeman
Proc. IAHS, 367, 455–462,,, 2015
03 Mar 2015
Rethinking the Mississippi River diversion for effective capture of riverine sediments
Y. Jun Xu
Proc. IAHS, 367, 463–470,,, 2015
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