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Proc. IAHS, 383, 69–78, 2020
Proc. IAHS, 383, 69–78, 2020

Post-conference publication 16 Sep 2020

Post-conference publication | 16 Sep 2020

Extreme Rainfall and Temperature Changes Assessment on late-twenty-first-century over the Mono River Basin, Togo (West-Africa)

Batablinlè Lamboni et al.

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Future changes in precipitation, evapotranspiration and streamflows in the Mono Basin of West Africa
Lamboni Batablinlè, Lawin E. Agnidé, Kodja Domiho Japhet, Amoussou Ernest, and Vissin Expédit
Proc. IAHS, 384, 283–288,,, 2021
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The first reason which led to study this area is that Mono basin shows a sharp increase in population and local economic growth generally projected to accelerate. Another reason is that the Mono basin is already facing the consequences of climate change, with recurrent and localized droughts and flash floods years. These conditions would expected to be exacerbated in the future. Such results could help to anticipate the future impacts of climate changes on agriculture, water resources.