Articles | Volume 382
Pre-conference publication
22 Apr 2020
Pre-conference publication |  | 22 Apr 2020

Pilot test of study on brine injection into shallow formation for mitigating land subsidence in the Southern Kanto Gas Field in Japan

Noriyuki Muraoka, Yuji Hayashi, Katsuhiro Nakamura, Toshiaki Yamaguchi, Kazunori Ono, Shota Kuroshima, Akira Kurihara, Nobuhiro Ono, and Tsutomu Nakagawa

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Effect of brine injection into shallow formation on land subsidence in the Southern Kanto gas field, in Japan
Kenjiro Kawano, Hiroshi Iwamoto, Daisuke Murai, Takahiro Egami, Tatsuo Shimamoto, Yuji Hayashi, and Tsutomu Nakagawa
Proc. IAHS, 382, 303–307,,, 2020
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Simulation study of the in-situ formation deformation behavior of a shallow formation in the Southern Kanto Natural gas field, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
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Modifying the dissolved-in-water type natural gas field simulation model based on the distribution of estimated Young's modulus for the Kujukuri region, Japan
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Short summary
In the Southern Kanto Gas Field, formation water is pumped from a reservoir in order to produce the natural gas. The production of formation water is considered to be one of the causes of land subsidence. We plan the test injecting into shallow formations that are expected to be effective in mitigating land subsidence. If the land subsidence mitigation effect is confermed in this test, reservoir management and increase in production may be possible while considering land subsidence mitigation.