Articles | Volume 380
Proc. IAHS, 380, 81–85, 2018
Proc. IAHS, 380, 81–85, 2018

Post-conference publication 18 Dec 2018

Post-conference publication | 18 Dec 2018

Image acquisition effects on Unmanned Air Vehicle snow depth retrievals

Ahmet Emre Tekeli and Senayi Dönmez

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Short summary
Current study is unique in that the SD retrievals were derived using two different image acquisition modes. In the first, images were taken as UAV was continuously flying and in the second UAV kept its position in air fixed as the photos were taken. Root mean square error of derived SDs is found as 2.43 and 1.79 cm in continuous and fixed acquisitions. The results support the hypothesis, that fixed-position image acquisitions using multi-rotor platforms should enable more accurate SD estimates.