Articles | Volume 379
Proc. IAHS, 379, 371–380, 2018
Proc. IAHS, 379, 371–380, 2018

Pre-conference publication 05 Jun 2018

Pre-conference publication | 05 Jun 2018

Quantitative analysis on sensitive factors of runoff change in Fenhe watershed based on integration approach

Deng Wang et al.

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Rainfall-runoff processes in the Loess Plateau, China: Temporal dynamics of event rainfall-runoff characteristics and diagnostic analysis of runoff generation patterns
Qiang Wu, Zhaoxi Zhang, Guodong Zhang, Shengqi Jian, Li Zhang, Guang Ran, Dong Zhao, Xizhi Lv, and Caihong Hu
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2020
Manuscript not accepted for further review
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The runoff of the Fenhe River flowed into the Yellow River(RRY)is reducing significantly due to the influence of climate change and human activities. The reduction in RRY causes the runoff reduction in Yellow River and exacerbated the water resources shortage of the middle area of the Yellow River. It is important to alleviate water shortage and develop the soil and water conservation measurements and regional water policy by analyzing the influence of human activities and climate change.