Articles | Volume 379
Proc. IAHS, 379, 279–286, 2018
Proc. IAHS, 379, 279–286, 2018

Pre-conference publication 05 Jun 2018

Pre-conference publication | 05 Jun 2018

Discussion on water resources value accounting and its application

Biying Guo et al.

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Land Use/Land Cover Changes and Its Response to Hydrological Characteristics in the Upper Reaches of Minjiang River
Kai Ma, Xiaorong Huang, Biying Guo, Yanqiu Wang, and Linyun Gao
Proc. IAHS, 379, 243–248,,, 2018
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Preliminary research on quantitative methods of water resources carrying capacity based on water resources balance sheet
Yanqiu Wang, Xiaorong Huang, Linyun Gao, Biying Guo, and Kai Ma
Proc. IAHS, 379, 269–277,,, 2018
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This paper analyzed basic principles and existing flaws of water resources value theories and accounting methods, proposed to primarily account water resources depletion cost, water environment degradation cost and ecological water occupation cost from three aspects, i.e. water resources, water environment and water eco-system. It provides a reference for advancing water resources management, realizing scientific and rational allocation of water resources.