Articles | Volume 379
Proc. IAHS, 379, 269–277, 2018
Proc. IAHS, 379, 269–277, 2018

Pre-conference publication 05 Jun 2018

Pre-conference publication | 05 Jun 2018

Preliminary research on quantitative methods of water resources carrying capacity based on water resources balance sheet

Yanqiu Wang et al.

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Kai Ma, Xiaorong Huang, Biying Guo, Yanqiu Wang, and Linyun Gao
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Biying Guo, Xiaorong Huang, Kai Ma, Linyun Gao, and Yanqiu Wang
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In the mid-1990s, the losses caused by ecological environment destruction every year in China accounted for more than 8 % of GDP. When economic prosperity comes with serious environmental damage, the false image of national growth emerges, which will cause distortion to the evaluation of water resources carrying capacity. This paper proposes a quantitative technical route combined with a water resources balance sheet, which is able to fully reflect the sustainable development theory.