Articles | Volume 378
Post-conference publication
29 May 2018
Post-conference publication |  | 29 May 2018

Near real time water quality monitoring of Chivero and Manyame lakes of Zimbabwe

Ronald Muchini, Webster Gumindoga, Sydney Togarepi, Tarirai Pinias Masarira, and Timothy Dube

Abstract. Zimbabwe's water resources are under pressure from both point and non-point sources of pollution hence the need for regular and synoptic assessment. In-situ and laboratory based methods of water quality monitoring are point based and do not provide a synoptic coverage of the lakes. This paper presents novel methods for retrieving water quality parameters in Chivero and Manyame lakes, Zimbabwe, from remotely sensed imagery. Remotely sensed derived water quality parameters are further validated using in-situ data. It also presents an application for automated retrieval of those parameters developed in VB6, as well as a web portal for disseminating the water quality information to relevant stakeholders. The web portal is developed, using Geoserver, open layers and HTML. Results show the spatial variation of water quality and an automated remote sensing and GIS system with a web front end to disseminate water quality information.

Short summary
This paper presents an automated computer based system for determining water quality and pollution. The system results are presented in the form of a map showing the status of water at each and every point in the lake by the click of a button. A case study of Lakes Chivero and Manyame of Zimbabwe.