Articles | Volume 378
Proc. IAHS, 378, 59–65, 2018
Proc. IAHS, 378, 59–65, 2018

Post-conference publication 29 May 2018

Post-conference publication | 29 May 2018

Evaluation of sub daily satellite rainfall estimates through flash flood modelling in the Lower Middle Zambezi Basin

Thomas Matingo et al.

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This paper is about evaluation of sub daily satellite rainfall estimates through flash flood modelling. The 30 minute timestep for CMORPH captures flash floods effectively and for TRMM the 3 hr timestep was the best. In general CMORPH performed better than TRMM in termsof NSE and RVE when applied to HEC-HMS model. It can be concluded that floods occur rapidly and the chances of capturing them are higher when finer resolution are applied.