Articles | Volume 374
17 Oct 2016
 | 17 Oct 2016

Conjunctive operation of river facilities for integrated water resources management in Korea

Hwirin Kim, Cheolhee Jang, and Sung Kim

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Hwirin, K. and Jaehwa, N.: The July 2007 Flood Characteristics and Future Counterplan, Korean Society of Civil Engineering, 54, 128–136, 2006.
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Short summary
This has been pursued to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits inherent to the utilization of water resources, by preserving functional rivers, improving their utility and reducing the degradation of water quality caused by floods and droughts. At the same time, coordinated activities are being conducted in multi-purpose dams, hydro-power dams, weirs, agricultural reservoirs and water use facilities with the purpose of monitoring the managemet of such facilities.