Articles | Volume 374
Proc. IAHS, 374, 69–73, 2016
Proc. IAHS, 374, 69–73, 2016

  17 Oct 2016

17 Oct 2016

Integrated water resource assessment for the Adelaide region, South Australia

James W. Cox et al.

Data sets

Development of an agreed set of climate projectsions for South Australia J. Piantadosi, S. Beecham, M. Kamruzzaman, J. Boland, and N. Fleming

Adelaide Plains Groundwater Model 2015: Assessment of Adelaide Plains Groundwater Resources E. Banks, O. Batelaan, J. Batlle Aguilar, J. C. Kozuskanich, and V. E. Post

An implementation of a multivariate daily weather generator S. Charles

MVNHMM Multi-Variate Non-homogeneous Hidden Markov Model S. Charles

Adelaide Plains Groundwater Model 2015 E. Bresciani

Short summary
Water research is one of South Australia's (SA's) highest priorities. Focus on water research became more critical during a drought that occurred between 1997 and 2011. Increased concern about water security for regional communities, industry and the environment led to the SA government establishing the Goyder Institute for Water Research to undertake cutting-edge science to inform the development of innovative integrated water management strategies to ensure SA's ongoing water security.