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Proc. IAHS, 372, 89–93, 2015
Proc. IAHS, 372, 89–93, 2015

  12 Nov 2015

12 Nov 2015

Surface deformation on the west portion of the Chapala lake basin: uncertainties and facts

M. Hernandez-Marin et al.

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Infiltration of surface water through subsidence failure assessment applying electric prospecting, case Aguascalientes Valley, Mexico
Fernando Acuña-Lara, Jesús Pacheco-Martinez, Hugo Luna-Villavicencio, Martín Hernández-Marín, and Norma González-Cervantes
Proc. IAHS, 382, 5–9,,, 2020
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Ongoing research on the pumping-induced land deformation in the Aguascalientes Valley: an analysis of the recent data of vertical deformation, groundwater level variations and local seismicity
Martin Hernandez-Marin, Ruben Esquivel-Ramirez, Mario Eduardo Zermeño-De-Leon, Lilia Guerrero-Martinez, Jesus Pacheco-Martinez, and Thomas J. Burbey
Proc. IAHS, 382, 99–102,,, 2020
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Hydraulic behavior of subsidence-induced surface discontinuities in the hydrogeology of the Aguascalientes valley
Lilia Guerrero-Martínez, Martín Hernández-Marín, and Ángel Eduardo Muñoz-Zavala
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Application of seismic prospecting to determine the width of influence of surface faults associated to land subsidence – a case of study in the Aguascalientes Valley, México
Hugo Luna-Villavicencio, Jesús Pacheco-Martínez, Fernando Acuña-Lara, Martín Hernández-Marín, and Norma González-Cervantes
Proc. IAHS, 382, 781–785,,, 2020
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Committee for managing the risk by Faults and Cracks due to subsidence in Aguascalientes State, México
Jesús Pacheco-Martínez, Martín Hernández-Marín, Mario E. Zermeño-de-León, Norma González-Cervantes, José A. Ortiz-Lozano, Omar Vázquez-Gloria, and Armando Roque-Cruz
Proc. IAHS, 382, 791–795,,, 2020
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This research contributes to the understanding of surface deformation in the study area with new knowledge of the upper soil sequence. An established sequence distribution of the shallow layers was set and some of their geotechnical properties were determined. The analized samples are composed by compressible clayey silt and several lenses of volcanic sandy ash. Heterogeneities may be contributing to differential subsidence which is controlling the occurrence of surface faulting.