Articles | Volume 372
12 Nov 2015
 | 12 Nov 2015

Subsurface geology and aquifer system of the Nohbi Plain, central Japan

T. Makinouchi and Tokai Three-Prefecture Investigation Committee on Land Subsidence

Abstract. The Nohbi Plain is a typical coastal plain in Japan. The subsurface of this plain consists of alternating beds of marine clays in transgressive stages and fluvial gravels in regressive stages, and forms a groundwater basin. The aquifers are represented by the gravel beds in the regressive stages.

Short summary
The NISOLS conference is held in Nagoya, central Japan. The city of Nagoya occupies the southeastern part of the Nohbi Plain. In relation to the land subsidence, subsurface geology and aquifer system of the Nohbi Plain is introduced and described in this paper.