Articles | Volume 369
Proc. IAHS, 369, 103–108, 2015
Proc. IAHS, 369, 103–108, 2015

  11 Jun 2015

11 Jun 2015

Development and application of a short- /long-term composited drought index in the upper Huaihe River basin, China

M. Yu et al.

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Drought assessment using a multivariate drought index in the Huaihe River basin of Eastern China
Q. Li, M. Zeng, H. Wang, P. Li, K. Wang, and M. Yu
Proc. IAHS, 369, 61–67,,, 2015
Investigation into impacts of land-use changes on floods in the upper Huaihe River basin, China
M. Yu, Q. Li, G. Lu, H. Wang, and P. Li
Proc. IAHS, 370, 103–108,,, 2015

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