Articles | Volume 368
06 May 2015
 | 06 May 2015

GéoSAS: A modular and interoperable Open Source Spatial Data Infrastructure for research

R. Bera, H. Squividant, G. Le Henaff, P. Pichelin, L. Ruiz, J. Launay, J. Vanhouteghem, P. Aurousseau, and C. Cudennec

Keywords: OGC standards, Web processing service, spatial data infrastructure, spatial data architecture, GéoSAS; geOrchestra, MNTSurf, hydrological modelling, watershed

Abstract. To-date, the commonest way to deal with geographical information and processes still appears to consume local resources, i.e. locally stored data processed on a local desktop or server. The maturity and subsequent growing use of OGC standards to exchange data on the World Wide Web, enhanced in Europe by the INSPIRE Directive, is bound to change the way people (and among them research scientists, especially in environmental sciences) make use of, and manage, spatial data. A clever use of OGC standards can help scientists to better store, share and use data, in particular for modelling. We propose a framework for online processing by making an intensive use of OGC standards. We illustrate it using the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) GéoSAS which is the SDI set up for researchers’ needs in our department. It is based on the existing open source, modular and interoperable Spatial Data Architecture geOrchestra.