Articles | Volume 368
07 May 2015
 | 07 May 2015

Experimental study on the spatial variation of hydrodynamic parameters for hillslope-gully side erosion system in loess landscapes

X. Li and X. Wei

Keywords: Hillslope-gully side erosion system, hydrodynamic parameters, flow dynamics, flow pattern, flow friction

Abstract. On the Chinese Loess Plateau many hydraulic parameters related to soil erosion are highly variable and often cross-correlated. Hillslope-gully side erosion systems are widespread on the Loess Plateau, but the quantification between the hydraulic parameters is still unknown for the system. A constant headwater scouring experiment in the laboratory was performed in this study and combined a model with two slope segments (with hillslope and gully sides). Five inflow rates of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 L/min were used. Some hydraulic parameters (the flow velocity, shear stress, unit stream power, Reynolds Number, Froude Number, Darcy-Weisbach friction factor, and Manning coefficient) were analysed. Regression equations were developed for the parameters. The results provide a basis for in-depth research regarding the erosion processes of hillslope-gully side erosion systems.