Articles | Volume 368
06 May 2015
 | 06 May 2015

Flood forecasting model based on geographical information system

A. Dong, L. Zhi-Jia, W. Yong-Tuo, Y. Cheng, and D. Yi-Heng

Keywords: Antecedent precipitation index model, Nash’s Instantaneous Unit Curve method, the geographic information system, Xinanjiang Model, Tunxi basin

Abstract. In this paper, the Antecedent Precipitation Index Model (API) combined with Nash’s Instantaneous Unit Curve Method is adopted for flood forecasting. The parameters n and k of Nash’s Method is obtained by setting up the mathematic relation between these two parameters and topographic characteristics. Based on the DEM information, ArcGIS software is used to get the topographic characteristics and the topographic parameters. The Tunxi basin in the humid region was taken as an example for analysis. Through comparison with the simulation results of the Xinanjiang model, the detailed analysis of our simulation results is carried out giving a Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency 0.80 for the combined model and 0.94 for the Xinanjiang model. This indicates that the combined model as well as the Xinanjiang Model has a good performance in the simulation process. The combined model has great potential as a new efficient approach for flood forecasting in similar basins.