Articles | Volume 368
06 May 2015
 | 06 May 2015

Online watershed boundary delineation: sharing models through Spatial Data Infrastructures

H. Squividant, R. Bera, P. Aurousseau, and C. Cudennec

Keywords: OGC standards, Web Processing Service, add-on, Spatial Data Infrastructure, geOrchestra, hydrological modelling, watershed, MNTSurf.

Abstract. The proposal in this paper is to make accessible the hydrology analysis tools that were developed by our research team in the past years through an interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructure. To this aim we chose to develop add-ons for the geOrchestra OGC-compliant platform. Such add-ons trigger algorithms and retrieve their output in real time through OGC standard WPS. We then introduce a watershed WPS add-on and its functioning modes. In so doing we exemplify the fact that the use of OGC standards make it straightforward (and transparent to the user operating a common web browser) to remotely trigger a process on a distant server, then apply it to distant data present on a remote cartographic server, and drop the outcome onto a third-party cartographic server while visualizing it all on a browser.