Articles | Volume 368
06 May 2015
 | 06 May 2015

Analysis of precipitation cycles based on MEM in the Yellow River basin

Z. Li, T. Cheng, H. Song, Z. Li, and J. Yu

Keywords: Maximum entropy method, precipitation, cycles, Yellow River basin

Abstract. Using the monthly precipitation series of 32 meteorological stations in the Yellow River basin from 1951 to 2003, the precipitation cycles were discussed using the Maximum Entropy Method (MEM), the spatial distribution of the precipitation cycles were analysed, and the possible driving factors of the cycles investigated. The results show that the precipitation in the Yellow River has decadal (60a), inter-decadal (25a and 14a) and inter-annual cycles (9a and 3a). The main oscillations over the whole basin are 3a and 9a. There are clearer inter-decadal variations in the riverhead area with much greater water resources, and north of the region of LanHe main stream. The decadal signals are detected in the inner area with less precipitation and Wei River basin. These differences are possibly related to some physical processes, such as the mutual action of sea and atmosphere, and solar activities.