Articles | Volume 371
12 Jun 2015
 | 12 Jun 2015

Influence of climate variability on large rivers runoff

B. Nurtaev

Abstract. In accordance with IPCC Report the influence of climate change on the water cycle will increase hydrologic variability by means of changing of precipitation patterns, melting of ice and change of runoff. Precipitation has increased in high northern latitudes and decreased in southern latitudes. This study presents an analysis of river runoffs trends in different climatic zones of the world in condition of climate change.

Short summary
The main driving force of climate variability and in hydrologic cycle is the solar radiation.Over the period 1850 to 1996 was observed steady increase of sunspots on the Sun. During this period also was observed an increase in temperature in the Northern Hemisphere.The study presents an analysis of river runoffs trends in the past,proposes a methodology to calculate an influence of solar activity on rivers discharge and air temperature.River runoffs trends for the period up to 2030 have shown.