Articles | Volume 366
10 Apr 2015
 | 10 Apr 2015

Water availability, water quality water governance: the future ahead

J. G. Tundisi, T. Matsumura-Tundisi, V. S. Ciminelli, and F. A. Barbosa

Abstract. The major challenge for achieving a sustainable future for water resources and water security is the integration of water availability, water quality and water governance. Water is unevenly distributed on Planet Earth and these disparities are cause of several economic, ecological and social differences in the societies of many countries and regions. As a consequence of human misuse, growth of urbanization and soil degradation, water quality is deteriorating continuously. Key components for the maintenance of water quantity and water quality are the vegetation cover of watersheds, reduction of the demand and new water governance that includes integrated management, predictive evaluation of impacts, and ecosystem services. Future research needs are discussed.