Articles | Volume 365
02 Mar 2015
 | 02 Mar 2015

Distribution patterns of salinity and 222Rn in Yatsushiro Inland Sea, Kyushu, Japan

Y. Nikpeyman, N. Ono, T. Hosono, H. Yang, K. Ichiyanagi, J. Shimada, and K. Takikawa

Keywords: Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD), Yatsushiro Sea, Japan, 222Rn, multiple – detector

Abstract. Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD), as a way through which solutes and nutrients travel from terrestrial areas towards coastal areas, is part of the hydrological cycle. Various methods are used to locate SGD at different scales. Among them, 222Rn has been developed with the viewpoint of accurate local estimations of SGD points indirectly. This research aims to identify SGD areas in the Yatsushiro Sea, southwest Japan, using the 222Rn method, while considering rivers with high 222Rn concentration in the study area. The area is an inland sea with high tidal fluctuations and there is a large contribution between the sea and groundwater, which are greatly affected by rivers. A multi-detector 222Rn survey has been carried out simultaneously with sea water electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature. In addition, several river grab samples were analysed for 222Rn concentration. Considering the sea water radon distribution and river characteristics, several points were selected for future SGD volume estimations.